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"Not only a world-class musician, Kate has a preternatural sense of what each musical moment calls for."

​Sounding Post Audio Services, Los Angeles, 2012


"While participating in a mind-boggling range of performances – jazz, traditional and classical – Bevan-Baker has maintained a straight-A academic record."

​The Guardian, PEI, 2009

 Fallen Tree Records Echo Land Review: here.  

"The trio continued to effectively transport us from a small town in P.E.I to shores on the other side of the Atlantic, where the melodies of these tunes were first brought into the world, and we have lived and danced for centuries"

The Press Reader, 2016

I have seldom enjoyed a course as much as I did yours. I was so impressed with how welcoming you were to senior students. I have encountered other professors who were unwelcoming and rude to those of us who were not regular students. The subject matter was so well presented and we had so many opportunities to learn about different facets of the music and practice what we learned in various situations. Given that this course was online in the middle of the pandemic it was so relaxing to have the Zoom meetings and then especially to do the homework. What could be more relaxing and fun than to watch videos of Irish  musicians performing and to listen to music from some of my favourite Irish groups such as the Clancy brothers and The Chieftains. I also enjoyed learning the stories behind various songs such as "She Walked Through the Fair".

I have raved about both your course and your playing to many of my family and friends. I ordered your CD and really enjoy listening to it, as does my husband. We often put it on at night and we like to use the music to lull us to sleep. Thanks again for a great course.

- Helen Donahue, former Concordia University student.

I took professor Kate's Irish music course in 2021 winter. Although it was online class, she was very approachable, and also always prepared to help students. She always put many musical examples through the course materials, helping students to understand the Irish tune types and instruments. I will definitely take her course again!

- Ratemyprofessor.com, May 4th, 2021

As a twenty-one year old who had not touched an instrument since the seventh grade, I was initially very nervous to pursue my interest in the violin. As the violin is such a complex instrument for someone with no musical background, I was concerned that I would give up out of frustration before even learning my first song. The nervous energy I felt melted away the moment I stepped into my first lesson with Kate. She is such a kind, patient, and motivating teacher, and her lessons have quickly become my favourite part of the week. Her passion for classical, jazz, and fiddle music is contagious and has really allowed me to fall in love with the violin. Her expertise and teaching methods have enabled me to see marked improvement in my playing abilities each week, and has allowed me to develop confidence in myself and to continue learning how to play new songs with her guidance. I would recommend Kate to anyone interested in the violin, whether they are a complete beginner, a seasoned musician, and no matter their age!

- Shaina Willison, Concordia University Student 2021